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The Future

Posted 8/8/2022

The Future as it stands looks bleak on the gig front. Despite my best positive vibes...I was delivered news a week last friday that freaked me out. 

It's not often I remain calm in those situations. but I've tried my best this time and weirdly enough adopted the attitude that I cannot change decisions made by others.

SO I have to get on with my world and start these music that I have time on my hands.

It's been a difficult 2 and a half years. No one expected it to be easy...but it could have been made easier for us. Sadly, some people make your life difficult.....and eventually you have to think about whether accepting it every time is the healthy option.

On this occasion, it isn't a healthy option. Financially, it's crippling and as with most successful artists....they care less about their band than their crew. 

I'm documenting this as I would rather put a positive spin on things than spiral into the depths of panic.......and that is what I am doing....

SO it's a big F.U. to those who have no respect or loyalty to their band......Money driven and sadly void of any empathy....