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I'm lucky enough to work with artists right across the spectrum of music. Whether it be Jazz, Pop, Classical, Country, Rock, Soundscaping, R&'s always a pleasure to work with others on creating great music.


These last few years, Sessions have moved more online....but that hasn't stop any of us from being creative. 


The more recent projects involve Francis Dunnery, Chris de Burgh, Lulu, Bonnie Tyler, Francis Dunnery's  IT BITES, Mal Pope, Jakko Jakszyk, Danny Vaughn, Mal Pope, Martyn Joseph, Mark Nevin, , Steve Balsamo, Chimpan A, Rob Reed, The Blow Monkeys, ShellyAnn, Carl Moreton, Phil James, Balsamo/Collins/Riley and I've been busy helping out G Force Software with their new creations....the OB-E Oberheim 8 voice, SEM plugin, Oddity 3, and their MKII Mellotron creation. All are plugin replicas with incredible detail of the original instruments. The only thing you don't get is the smell of electrical components heating up and the costly repair.