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The First of Seven Days


Something I composed with the idea that God would have looked upon us today and thought "What the hell have I created?". 

Releasing the Chariot of the Gods


A juxtaposition of soundscaping and orchestral composition. I liked the idea of aggressive drums and disturbing sounds, exploding into a Gladiatorial style build up.

The Fallen


A piano composition that I intend to orchestrate one day for my Piano album.

I'll re record the piano before then in order to work on the orchestration.



I imagined what it would be like as the storm built up. 

With todays climate changes, the prevalence of storms is a normal daily occurrence.

A Father's Prayer


Originally composed it for the piano album, but as it was intended for an artist to sing, I managed to ask John Giles my Toyshop Murders writing partner to come up with the lyrics. the story goes, the artist didn't stick to his word and then I thought "I know the perfect person to sing this". Steve Balsamo has been a friend and colleague for many years. I MD'd Steve's touring when he was signed to Sony and we worked together on the Jon Lord gig and the Celebrating Jon Lord concert. I recently did some work with Steve on some new compositions for his solo work and his Balsamo, Collins, Riley project.



This was also written with a certain artist in mind. His musical choices baffled me so I set about trying to compose something that fused elements of Josh Groban and a Celtic vibe, whilst trying to be a little bit more aggressive. I'm still not sure what to do with it, so who knows where it will go

Nige Solos


Here are variations of soloing. Some Moog, Rhodes, Piano and One of my favourite instruments to solo on is my JD800, but have recently enjoyed the Roland System 8.