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Orchestral Arrangements and M'Orchestra


I provide a service where I mock orchestral/string arrangements up on Nuendo with the latest libraries including Cinematic Scoring Strings, Spitfire, Orchestral Tools, Cinesamples, Spitfire and many others.


I have many clients that are extremely happy with my work including Jakko Jakzsyk (King Crimson), Chris Porter (George Michael, Take That), Chris de Burgh, Martyn Joseph, Mark Nevin (Fairground Attraction), Danny Vaughn (Tyketto, Dan Reed Network) and many others.


I strive to pursue my quest for the perfect mock ups and generally, this not only involves learning new tricks, but spending thousands on new libraries. There is always going to be a new library in the Sample instrument world.


Fees are dependant on the project, song and whether it is a simple string arrangement or full blown orchestral extravaganza.

Please contact me for information and pricing.


" The  Overture" was arranged for the Chris de Burgh album "The Legend of Robin Hood". All done with various libraries and instruments including Cinematic Scoring Strings and Brass, Native Instruments, Spitfire, Cinesamples, LA Scoring Strings and many other wonderful libraries.


This is the extended version, not found on the album.

When you work with Chris, You get an array of melodies, an array of ideas. It's not hard to come up with an overture. It's harder to piece it all together



The Blow Monkeys "Journey To You"


This was great fun to work on as Robert suggested we went Ennio Morricone on it.

I didn't need convincing. This song had a particular vibe that evoked the Good, The Bad and the Ugly. From their new album "Journey To You".

Seven Bells

Danny Vaughn


If you've not checked out the album "Myths, Legends and Lies"...then it's a must.

Danny asked me to be part of his sessions for the album early 2019. On the session was Chris Childs on bass, whom I knew and it is always a buzz to play with Chris. Such a wonderful musician whom I always learn from,  Rhys Morgan on drums who I adore as a person and his playing. Danny had chosen Tim Hamill's Sonic One Studios. Tim is the dogs bollocks when it comes to engineering, production and all round encouragement and ideas. He's my left and right hand man in terms of projects when I need someone to it was a great choice of Danny's. I'd heard a lot about Danny. Great writer, Incredible I was looking forward to being part of it. 

It was suggested I came in at the front end of the sessions and thankfully they suggested. It was great to hear these wonderful tunes grow from acorns to be biggest of oaks.


Check out this track. If it doesn't make you want to buy this album, then I don't know what will.

Steve Balsamo




Written by Steve for his son Frankie (Having written one for Izzie his daughter, he couldn't leave Frankie out), Steve called me late 2019 to ask if I'd do a number on his song. As always, with Steve it's more of a pleasure than a chore so I set about doing my thing on his track. It made me realise that contributing to great writers songs is something that I get a real kick from. Rarely do I spend time with Steve on a show where I don't feel humbled and fired up.

I MD'd Steve's shows back in 2002 when he was signed to A major label. It was a hard time for us all, but I remember Steve....every night delivering. 

Years later, we did the Jon Lord gigs together. Steve catching me smiling during "Child in Time" and nodding to me in approval. 

We did the Jon Lord Celebration concert and the Royal Albert Hall April 4th 2014. Steve was paramount in getting me to do the gig. For That, I owe him massively. It was my calling. I think it was a show I was destined to do.

So here is Steve's track. Check him out. Probably one of the best singers around.