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Here are links to some of my musician friends and some great musical instrument companies that I deal with.

Francis Dunnery, The voice and Guitar of It Bites.

Lucky to be able to contribute some noodling and nonsense to Francis's latest offerings, Tombstone Dunnery. 

G Force Software make some wonderful plugins including the M-Tron Pro and recently the MKII Mellotron. 


John Bradley and Martin Smith are the brains behind the company and their pedigree is about as good as you could get. What they  know about the Mellotrons is a Librarian's archival nightmare. So much information and experience    Chris de Burgh's official website.

Ed Poole's Website.

Ed is a wonderful musician who's played with so many artists

Jakko Jakszyk's Website.

I'm lucky enough to know this rather talented chap. His guitar skills are incredible.

His vocals are equally as sublime. Chris de Burgh Facebook Site    Neil Taylor, my stable mate with CdeB band. Has played guitar with Robbie Williams, Tears for Fears and many others. Has a great career of his own.    Rob Reed, Keyboard,/Multi instrumentalist and brains behind Magenta, Cyan and many more

Phil Groyssboeck

Phil is a great drummer and a very musical one at that. Great sounding kit and a great team player    Tim Hamill, great engineer/guitarist with his own fab studio


Chris Childs Website. Brilliant bass player and a very inventive guy.    Clint is a superb engineer/producer with a great sense of humour.    Chris has produced some of the best artists in the world including Take That, George Michael/WHAM and Rod Stewart to name a few.    Great Musicianship and some good friends in Ryan Aston(Drums) and Pablo Roberts(Bass)