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"Noodle Away" my son

Posted 16/2/2016

Prog Rock has started to see a resurgence in the recent years. Old progress are resurfacing to their adoring fans, and new music is in abundance. More often than not Prog is regarded as the plague when it comes to the music industry and sadly as sales dwindle on CD's, the leather trousered/caped crusaders are left scrambling to fund their love of a good noodle ( solo/improvise) with tickets sales at gigs/concerts. If noodling was a crime, the 70's progress would be locked up with the keys thrown away. These days, noodling is confined to a verse or a chorus, maybe an outro. Some may find the time to noodle on the extended mix version, but I do feel the general public and listeners have become accustomed to the Verse and Chorus style of song writing. "Bring back noodling" I say. Without solos, songs on the radio today are a constant barrage of vocals and beats.


One other thing I find strange is that the prog world are fond of a good concept album. You take a theme and you write 40-70 minutes worth of material around it. How do you actually decide on iTunes to download individual songs you like and leave the rest of the others behind?     That way, surely you are only getting part of the story and concept. Imagine what Rick Wakeman's 'The Myths and legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table' would sound like if you just downloaded 'Guinevere'? or you just downloaded 'Karn Evil 9 part 1 2nd impression' from ELP's 'Brain Salad Surgery'?

or even one track from 'The Snow Goose' by Camel? a totally insane thought!

You'd be missing out on all that other glory, but in particular....'The Concept', of which Prog Rock is the master of.